Design / Landscaping / Project Management / Architectural Services / Gardening

We understand that your garden is part of your home. We create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces, whether you’re starting from scratch or wanting to enhance your existing garden.

Our approach is “from acorn to oak” – we work with you to design and landscape your garden in a way that suits your tastes and lifestyle. We then provide you with a comprehensive all year round “Head Gardener” service to keep it looking stunning throughout the seasons. All of this work is personally overseen by Duncan Fleck, who has over 20 years’ experience of creating and maintaining large, complex and creative outdoor gardens and spaces.

Our teams of highly trained and skilled gardeners work on private estates, commercial gardens and large town and country houses across the north of England.

How We Work

We like to be clear about how we charge too so we break our work down into distinct categories.

  • Design & Management of Installations (including all project management work) [DM]
  • General Maintenance (our year round “Head Gardener” service) [GM]
  • Additional Works to the Main Contract e.g. additional tree surgery work [AW]
  • Plants, Composts or Materials Purchased [MP]

If you would like to know more, please contact us.